Friday, February 18, 2005

Introductory Blog Contribution

Well, this is it then. I've finally followed the "me-too" road to blogdom. This is a trial, I'll see if I can hack it over time. If I feel it gets too much, I'll throw in the towel, I know how to accept defeat gracefully ;-)

The point of my blog is to discuss anything that springs to me my mind about IP. For those not in the know, IP means intellectual property. Let us start with the way I express myself on this blog, that could give rise to copyright, if I could prove that it is an original form of expression. Indeed, did I not choose my vocabulary in a way that reflects my current creativeness ?

OK, cut the crap. I'm not going to philosophize about whether there is anything worthy of protection in what I write here, so :

Rule Number 1 : all matter published on this blog is made under the Creative Commons Licence. Look it up in a search engine, if you don't know what that means. Any comments you might wish to post will also fall under that licence, else you can forego commenting.

Rule Number 2 : it is my blog, and in typical dictatorial manner, I shall decide whether to publish comments or suggestions made. Besides, I don't want to be held responsible for some idiot ranting on about how to kill so and so, how to make various dangerous devices without being rustled, etc, etc. I'm the king, you can like it or lump it.

Rule Number 3 : I haven't thought of this one yet ;-)

I shall try and make my contributions as informative as possible, but I'm not averse to the occasional rant ;-)) Trolls, please stay away, and go and feed yourselves somewhere else.

Oh, yes, and I shall from time to time write in French and possibly German, so I shall also accept comments in those languages too.

Ho, hum, next topic, methinks ?